Worthy Is The Butter Lamb

Could it be a  Easter without ham and kielbasi? Yes.
Could it be Easter without a butter lamb? No.

Things about the butter lamb:

  • Whoever this is on Flickr got it right – flag and all. Back on the day, supermarket butter lambs came with red cellophane flags which transforms a regular butter lamb into one of those Agnus Dei butter lambs.
  • Google up Angus Dei and see how many references there are. Let’s just turn all the churches into condos right now. Unless there are butter cattle that I don’t know about?
  • Nobody ever wants to be the first one to cut into the butter lamb. the opposite is true of the lamb cake.

Here’s an absolutely riveting 3-part video series on You tube about how to hand-make a butter lamb. I put Part 2 here so you can enjoy the best part of the process: the making of the woolly butter fleece. Note that at  3:15, somebody starts snoring. I suspect the Squeeze Girl.


3 thoughts on “Worthy Is The Butter Lamb

  1. That was like watching a lower-budget, really “baaaaaahd” American version (Fargo, ND?) of “Two Fat Ladies” playing with the Play-Do™ Fun Factory. You always find the most funnest videos.

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