1. Airplane. I should have known that a 5:30 am departure time was fiction. It was closer to 6:30 by the time the plane was seated and even then there was a lot of shuffling around. I’ve never been on a flight where were so many people were in the wrong seats. Maybe it was too early and everyone was half asleep but it made for an amusing way to pass the time. Events transpired in near silence with none of the usual debating or ticket-displaying. Someone would come upon an occupied seat, claim ownership, the seated would stand and shuffle off elsewhere and a new occupant sat down. Even of the drama around the struggle for overhead bin space was much more subdued than usual. Actual takeoff time: 7:02 am.

2. Rental Car. There is a faint odor of skunk that clings to the car I have today.

3. Elevator. The hotel I’m staying at in Sacramento is brand new and everything around it, save for a Taco Bell and a Panera Bread, is is all concrete pads and wooden studs. One would expect that there were still a few kinks to work out, but would one expect that when you pushed the HELP button on a stuck elevator  that you would be connected to the "Elevator Emergency Center" and not the front desk? Great excitement ensued in the form of a blinking red HELP button, a clanging bell, and a loud and forceful male voice reciting the "coordinates" of the emergency location. If a person were claustrophobic, or had a terror of being stuck in an elevator, this would make things a lot worse for their state of mind. It didn’t bother me because I just waked off and picked up the house phone to report that the elevator was stuck – stuck open.

4 thoughts on “Vehicles”

  1. You’re in Big Ol’ Sack o’ Tomatoes?
    That’s what the hippies up the road in Davis call it.
    Let us know if you see Governor Arnholdt walking around.

  2. Pops – Yes, Sack o’tomatoes. Until yesterday, I had never heard that. Since yesterday, I heard that 5 times. Also, rice paddies in Sacramento? Who knew?
    Faith – Yes! that’s the one. Small world, eh?

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