The Goats Are Too Big, The Camel Is Too Small But The Cow Is Just Right

Humor me as I make yet another post about the Nativity set.


The plastic animals arrived on Thursday. Without consciously realizing it, the creche  now has a secondary storyline that is a tribute to motherhood*. Because I wanted the sizes of the figurines to be in sync as much as possible, I scrutinized the product descriptions for dimensions. I ended up ordering the dromedary mare and the nanny goats. And honeys, they weren’t kidding when they said these animals are detailed and correct  – they have teats.

Gt C_n_g_t

Every one of these figures is exquisitely detailed. And the cow – the cow! Look how perfect this cow is in the manger scene.

From Our Department of We’ve Been Married For 28 Years – Why Doesn’t He Know Me Yet?: Recognizing how invested I am into this Nativity set, Sami offered to drill a hole into the roof of the stable so that it could be electrified with a single mini light bulb. Repeat: he thought it would be a good idea to drill a hole into the iconic 1930 stable that belonged to my dead mother when she was a little girl. With a drill. I’m sure he meant to please me, but come on already.

Also, there was always a Gloria angel that hung from the peak of the roof. There’s no trace of nail, hook or hole there.I wouldn’t say this if i wasn’t sure. there’s not.


*Maybe it was all those hormones surging around in me, but when I delvered my first child, the date was December 15th. My first thought after checking that the baby was good was "Imagine that the poor Blessed Mother had to do this laying on dirty straw." It gave me an entirely different connection the the manger scene under the Christmas tree.

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