In Which I Demand As Much Historical Accuracy As Possible From a 4″ Resin Figurine Made In China

I cleaned up in Tuesday Morning this week, most notably this incredibly beautifully detailed set of Nativity figures which I got for 10 bucks.

You may remember that I have my mother’s little stable which she got when she was a child in the 30s. My sister has the figures and I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal to find replacements but it is, due to the small size of the stable. There are not that many sets around, save for the Fontinis, and when you go for those, you get full-blown Italian Renaissance – a style preference you have to be born into to appreciate. So when I first saw this set of 4" figures, I knew they’d be the right size but I didn’t immediately buy them because:

  • Mary has a deranged expression
  • those are Bavarian shepherds
  • there is no Gloria In Excelsius Deo angel to hang

But when I was tooling around eBay looking for vintage figures, I came across these again, so I looked them up and lo! they are from a German company known for the accurate details in animal figurines, medieval knights and dragons and Smurfs. So as soon as I found out that I could accessorize with a wide variety of farm animals, I rushed right back to purchase the set. Wouldn’t you?

Don’t worry – I am exercising restraint. I am limiting my additions to a camel, a cow, a donkey and two goats. Now here’s the question: Of these three sub-optimal cows, which one is the best suited for crèche purposes?

Fleckviehcowstanding_tn  13610charolais_tn_2

I know – they’re a little too contemporary farmyard but I thought the one in the middle could pass for an ox. Also, camel or camel?


Surprise bonus in this Nativity set: the Baby Jesus comes out of the manger. I’ll gladly do without Gloria for that.

7 thoughts on “In Which I Demand As Much Historical Accuracy As Possible From a 4″ Resin Figurine Made In China”

  1. Cow #2, but I’m going to say go with Camel #1. #2 seems too busy looking.
    Also, if you’re thinking of adding a Smurf, I’d say go with Papa Smurf…he’s practically the 4th wise man. Brainy Smurf is a little too Richard Dawkinsy to be attending the Nativity; Smurfette, a little too slutty.

  2. I have my grandmother’s set from about the same time! One angel’s wing is busted, and Joseph’s lantern has gone missing. As far as I can remember there were no Wise Men, but I have the cow and sheep that I used to set up when I was a little girl.

  3. Cow 2, and the cuter Camel 1!
    We had a wonderful nativity set hand made by my father with hand-carved wooden figures and everything… so creative! And here was my father’s big innovation: all the animals were accompanied by baby animals. Yay!
    Our Jesus baby was also removable, and my brother and sisters and I always would get tsked at by my mother for putting the goat in the manger.

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