Shocking Revelations

Nothing new under the sun, kids. And I do mean "kids".

Love you,  Consumerist, love you a lot but I have to say it – you made me laugh out loud  today when I read the post about "Coffee Makers As Overpriced Gadgets". The point of the piece was to put down "many of them are the same plastic pieces of crap, just with varying degrees of unnecessary features." Although I’d like to spout my own opinions of the glory of a coffee-maker with a built-in timer and how nothing is more important to me except that the brew is hot hot hot, there’s no need to go into a debate about it here – the author got told in the comments.

The thing about it that made me laugh is the  astonishingly ingenuous remark in the litany against extraneous features: " One coffee-maker has a function that cuts off the drip so you can pour coffee while it’s being made."

Hello 1985!

At first, I thought this was a reflection of the author’s young age, based on experience with my own dear children. Both of them are extremely smart and culturally aware, but were taken over with wonderment at the discovery of our toaster’s built-in crumb tray, a device that has been around exactly one day less than toaster crumbs. But I don’t really know the author’s age so I have to go with the "limited exposure" theory.

Although one could make a case for this theory being age-related, I remember another instance where an ordinary item was a wondrous revelation to someone who had never seen it before. A 30 year old woman that I worked with at my first job, she of the silver porringer dinner party, was in the midst of having her magnificent, upper East Side, pre-war apartment painted. Someone asked her how it was going and she was all enthused about a new invention that the painters were using and she asked us if we had ever heard of it – it was called a paint roller.

We shrieked at that – wouldn’t you?- but I have to admit that every now and then, I ponder on what life must be like if you don’t have to bother yourself with ever considering the details of how work gets done until you are 30 years old.


2 thoughts on “Shocking Revelations

  1. I was recently given a used, black Mr. Coffee 4 cup & it works great. I wouldn’t use the timer even if I knew how to set it. My usual brand is Chock Full O Nuts New York Roast in honor of the earworm jingle, & cream cheese & raisin bread sandwiches. It always goes on sale around the time I run low. I don’t like Maxwell’s House. When I’m feeling gourmet, I get a bag of 8 O’clock whole beans & grind em daily. Never buy a white drip coffeemaker.

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