Little Known Facts About Suzette: Bowling

In my lifetime, I have owned two bowling balls. The first one was a silver pearl beauty and the second one was a bright royal blue gumball. Both had my first name engraved near the finger holes. I went looking for them recently and all I found was an empty bowling bag.

I suspect the children.

5 thoughts on “Little Known Facts About Suzette: Bowling”

  1. Hm. I would not have gone there… Suzette and bowling. Is that a Yankee thing? 😉
    I only ask because I don’t know anyone who bowls down here; my ex did, but he was from Ohio… claimed it was the harsh winters that kept people inside.
    Suzette says:“I don’t know what possessed me. This must have been a time when I thought my ass looked good enough to bend over in front people.”

  2. Interesting. In fact, just as interesting as the fact that my father-in-law claims to be an excellent bowler, allegedly is in a league and yet in the 8 years I’ve known him I haven’t gone bowling with him nor have I see his ball. Should I suspect his children?

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