Freight Train Coming and I’m Tied To The Tracks

I recognize that I am standing on the precipice and about to fall off. After years of minimizing and insisting on carrying small, I am ready to boomerang over to the farthest extreme.

I am currently preoccupied with acquiring handbags. Handbags I don’t need. Big, gaudy handbags. I have not acted yet, but I feel like I could make my move at any moment. The other day, one of my co-workers showed me her giant blue fake-croc satchel which is not my style at all.  It’s kind of iridescent and sometimes it looks purplish and it has shiny charms dangling off of it and its only one click away on

I can’t stop thinking that I need one, too. NEED one.

In other Women’s Accessory News, it looks like I will be returning to Scottsdale for business around Thanksgiving time. Finger’s crossed that this trip is confirmed because then I will have an opportunity to go back to that nice little gift shop and replace the tooled leather cosmetic case which the TSA stole from me earlier this year. Then balance will be restored to the world.

3 thoughts on “Freight Train Coming and I’m Tied To The Tracks”

  1. An entire case? Oh no! The most they ever got from me was a brand new body shop moisturizing cream. It was so thick it was almost solid and I loved it.
    by the way, I’m a certifiable handbag whore. Mr. Hot isn’t thrilled. 😉

  2. those bastards took my cape cod bracelet when I was selected for special screening in Ga. … puzzling that they only took one and not the other… note to self: mark luggage with highly contagious sticker next flight.

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