A Botannical Success Story

Don’t be going around feeling sorry for me because of my pitiful plants – there IS one happy little survivor here.


This is the spider plant that She Won’t Let Me Use Her Real Name got as a clipping from her science teacher when she graduated from high school. She took it off to her college dorm room every September and dragged its near-dead carcass back here every May.

The deck seems to be the right environment for this thing. She brings it home extremely diminished in size with its color changed to yellows and browns.  Last year, its whole life force depended on the single yellow leaf it was down to. We put it outside under the canopy, move it into the open when it rains and it makes a remarkable comeback every time.

This year, it was only half reduced, but it was listing to the side at an alarming angle. Look what an excellent recovery it has made – blooming flowers and all.


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