Still Life With Okabashis

I don’t know what to say about my deck pots this year. I love them, but nothing can live on love alone. What went wrong here? I gave them sun, I gave them water, I gave them Miracle-Gro potting soil mixed with yard dirt. I’m haven’t knocked off the geraniums yet but I can’t grow a petunia to save my life.

You now those “Wave” petunias that are so popular nowadays? I figured since I have an unbroken losing streak with regular petunias and the plant stake description was so encouraging about the easy-to-growness of it all, I took a chance and this is what happened.  Its supposed to look like this. I don’t know.

Even the impatients that I could always count on have turned on me. Look at how these orange petals have taken it upon themselves to show up all white stripey and difficult. (Perhaps its not their fault – look how Sam has his electricity pointed right at them. No wonder  they’re white, with fright no doubt.)

This though – this is true evidence of my high regard for you, all you wonderful people out there in the dark. Look what I’m showing you – a pot of portulacas. I know – eek! , right? Who can’t grow a portulaca? They grow themselves practically. I did buy them very late in the season, and they were kind of tired looking , all jammed together down on the gravel of a roadside stand. The lady behind the counter obviously made it up when she charged me $3 dollars for 5 cellpacks, and then quickly tired to get me to take a whole flat for $5 when I didn’t protest at that price. She must have known something about their imminent demise.

I tried to help them – I thought I might give them a squirt of watered down Palmolive dish detergent to rid them of any infestation they might have. Little fuzzy white patches raised their wings and took off at the first spray and this poor plant cluster was never the same again.I suspect that the bugs were what was holding it up.

So there we have it. Now you know. I’m losing it. Bad plant skills. Bad knee. I don’t know why I even bothered to get my teeth fixed. I could have lived this kind of lifestyle with my broken teeth and saved myself some trouble. Boo hoo.


4 thoughts on “Still Life With Okabashis

  1. portulacas are a pain in the ass. i stopped growing them years ago. i use vinca, marigolds and petunias for spots of color, as well as wax leaf begonias. they thrive on neglect, just never water them when the sun is shining on them, they burn like mad.
    it’s been an odd year, anyway, all my perennials bloomed two weeks early, i won’t have any late summer color this year and all my vines did nothing. even my morning glories are sparce. no moonflowers and my black eye susan vines all withered and barely set any blooms. campions, larkspur, day lilies and yarrow are doing well, though.

  2. Strange winter make’um heap bad plant season.
    Actually my portulaca are fine. I plant them in the rock wall or in the strawberry jars so they have a place to climb around. The big success this year was a hanging basket of begonias that are salmon colored and still growing like gangbusters.
    We also had good luck with some Mexican zinnias.

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