“It’s a candy pickle.”

What is going on in the south?

Here is an article reported in the New York Times (so you know it’s true!) recounting a wildly popular snack made from dill pickles marinated in double-strength Kool-aid.


Apparently, the taste sensation is nothing new. The article is peppered with people reminiscing about when they "sucked the juice from cut lemons through peppermint sticks repurposed as straws" and how these pickles taste  "Same as how they used to dip pickle spears in dry Kool-Aid mix for that pucker.” Children, the target demographic for the product, get right to the point describing it thusly: "It’s a candy pickle” and as soon as you are over that one, offer this endorement: "I like it the same as dipping hot Cheetos in ice cream.”

I wonder if Britney Spears knows about this?

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