It’s A World Of Laughter, A World Of Tears

My world is small this week. The bed, the deck, yard, the sofa. And that’s great. It might not sound like much of a vacation to you, but to me to have time to decompress and shake off the soot of the last smoldering months is just what Doctor Suzette ordered.  I broke out tonight because Sam took out to celebrate Mother’s Day. It was my request to go tonight instead of on the actual day, because none but the thickskinned and dimwitted would go on the actual day itself. It was pretty good – we ran through the rain then rewarded ourselves with adult beverages while he recapped Fox News for me and I did impolite impersonations of people he doesn’t know.

Here is the death defying menu: mussels marinara,
lobster tail and
cappelini with clams shrimp and scallops – a trifecta of potential spoilage and virus incubation.  But it’s ok because  we sanitized ourselves later with  espresso. It’s all about balance.

I should get out more – the local place that I remember as a cafe/pastry shop is now a full-fledged restaurant and apparently has been that way for years.  Nice dim atmosphere, Italian opera on the sound system – it was kind of Brooklyn. They were lovely to us even though all we ordered was coffee and cake – if we knew, we would have had dinner there instead of the worn out regular place we went to.

Tomorrow: I pull the leetle weeds and try to avoid the leetle poison ivy. Look how sneaky it is:


In the red circles is a dopey wild strawberry vine that I have to battle every year. It starts on the neighbors’s property and since they were lovers of  “natural beauty”,  there was never any hope of having them exterminate it*. In the yellow circles is the poison ivy. See how it puts its small leaves next to the smaller strawberry leaves and its big leaves next to the bigger strawberry leaves. It wants you to touch it.  Sneaky!


* Hope! We have new neighbors now, due to move in on June 1st. They are already looking for local tree serices to chop down some of the more offensive/dangerous specimens over there. Here’s my plan: whenever I see them in the back yeard, I’m going to start a friendly conversation and lower the volume of my voice so that they are enticed to draw closer and closer to me. Then I’ll go “Uh-oh! Watch out for the poison ivy!” even though it’s a wild strawberry vine. ( They’re from Staten Island. They won’t know. ) They will be alarmed and get rid of it. Even The Coyote couldn’t come up with a plan as good as this one.

1 thought on “It’s A World Of Laughter, A World Of Tears”

  1. Neighbors and their escaping, scuzzy, weeds. Another reason I support tough new weed-leash legislation. Will you be able to make the “Uh oh!” sound genuine? Don’t know that I could.

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