” … and when I find out who those Girl Scouts are, I’m going to crush ’em like bugs.”

My personal view, confirmed by multiple stops for speeding* this year,  has long been that the police would much rather target harmless high-powered executive business women rushing to work than to engage themselves with drug dealers, bank robbers or hostage takers. Recent events in new Jersey don’t do anything to change my mind.

Ticked off New Jersey troopers threaten ticket blitz 

"Some state troopers, feeling they have been publicly ridiculed for the accident that almost killed Gov. Jon S. Corzine, appear to be plotting a ticket blitz against the public this month, followed by a slowdown in June, according to a chilling series of anonymous online postings … The Web postings suggest the authors want to punish the public in May and then deprive the state in June of revenues from traffic summonses."

Nice! The troopers want to punish the public for asking questions about at what happened immediately before  Reckless Jon went up on the roadside guardrail. Oh, but maverick troopers with anger issues are not going to rule the day, according to State Police union leader David Jones. He took that one on himself. In what is  described as a blistering news conference, his target was the NJ radio DJs who made the trooper discussion board messages public:

Trooper union head  reveals personal info of one the "Jersey Guys" radio hosts

"I’m going to release the names and addresses of these people and then their sponsors, and all of the car dealerships and everybody else that sponsors that show is going to have to deal with the reality that they’re putting public servants and the public in general in harm’s way, and I’m going to make sure that everybody knows, until they get their act together, who these people are, where they live, what they do …"

Not content with taking on talk radio, ones then went on to threaten the discussion board posters who tipped off the radio station:

"A couple of cowards obviously compromised [the discussion board], and when I find out who those Girl Scouts are, I’m going to crush ’em like bugs.

Jones then declared:

"I don’t believe in intimidating anyone.’

which is probably the most revealing thing said all day. If this doesn’t qualify as intimidation, then it must be business as usual. All I can say is if you are a non-threatening career woman driving on the Parkway to get to work, New Jersey’s finest may be out to get you this month. Keep your eyes open.


*Not even real parkway speeding like Reckless Jon’s troper was doing – my tickets came from lurking policemen hanging out at the bottom of inclines or in other speed traps where the  limit is set purposly low to provide revenue . Not once in any of those stops did the police advise me to be careful, to slow down or offer any reference at all to public safety. Its strictly a money maker for the state and the towns.  And now its going to be punative.


4 thoughts on “” … and when I find out who those Girl Scouts are, I’m going to crush ’em like bugs.””

  1. “Cripes, Suzette” always make me snicker. Not to honk yer horn or anything, but I do not believe you could’ve gotten any more clever if you tried.

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