About Me

Well, well. I changed the theme on this blog and the “about” page reappeared. It seems that although I’ve always considered that the most fascinating and informative part of this whole effort, I haven’t written anything there in years. It also seems that I’ve forgotten how to do that so my life history as far…


Death Row

If I was on Death Row, the first thing I would do is start smoking cigarettes again. #Marlboros. #sigh If I was on Death Row, my last meal would be a quart of buttermilk and a bag of overdone tater tots. #cheapgreasyand100%fitting


Let’s Talk About Ebola

Psych! No. We’ll be talking about lemon trees instead. It’s been another big week in little lemon trees. First of all, there’s been an explosion of flower buds on every branch. This is an estimate but there are about 250 – or more! – of them. Internally, I’m wildly excited about this, but I’m trying…