Old And New



The two eggs with the darkest backgrounds were a wedding present from my uncle the priest. He gave us three actually but don’t get me started. The other four are modern creations done by my BFF by marriage. That is to say the person who married my BFF.

It’s hard to pick a favorite. But here’s something you should know about the beige and white egg: the shell was dyed and then shallowly cut away exposing the undyed surface and resulting in this design. Pretty cool.

The display plate is Stangl’s Golden Blossom and that abstract design is a flowering perennial plant known as lupine which grows in NJ. I’m thinking of selling of most of my Stangl to finance my vintage china habit but every time I look at even a single piece, I now I’ll never be able to do it.

In other Easter news, there’s a butter lamb a’comin’.



Is That My Graduation Present On the Set of Mad Men?

You know, , it’s happened before that I would blog about something and then within two or three days, a big name blog would be posting abut the same ting in almost the same words. It happens on Twitter a little bit I think because I don’t have very many followers but still it happens. Twitter is different from blogging though because the rapid timelines make it easier to copy something, imply its your own and then it gets buried in the crush of a million other tweets.

But this. This is big. Remember this?


Sent off to live a second life. Who knew the second life would be in Hollywood?

Now look at this. I think Mad Men bought my old luggage.


Try to focus on the suitcase.

This is a scene from the Episode 1 Season 7 that broadcast on Sunday. I admit I didn’t catch this as I was watching but it sure did jump out at me when I read the Mad Style recap at Tom &Lorenzo. I taped this show because they’re always so dreamlike that I need at least two viewings to make sense out of it, so I am going to watch again and if I see anyone walking around in that airport carrying a little gold train case, well …

I am more pleased than spooked about this.  As much as I like California Pete with his floppy hair and his tennis sweater swagger, as soon as I saw him I knew that meant I’d never see him in the same room as Stangl Amber Glo again. And now, Airway Harvest Gold luggage. Very gratifying.


Buy 12, Get 40% Off

My foray into the wilds Jackson NJ to find the Corningware Outlet Store so I could buy a reasonably priced oval casserole dish was most successful. While I was there, I was on a mission from a  friend to reconnoiter square white dinnerware. I found plenty, including this fascinating thing:

corelle square frost

the pattern is called “Frost”

This picture does not show the beauty of the semi-matte pearlized tree silhouette of the patterns so I tired to google something up for a better view and found that the internet does not have a single thing about this particular pattern. If I knew that before I went there, I would have taken more and better photos.

The pattern was very subtle and could only be seen from certain angles. The base was the typical shiny white Corelle finish but the tree was a pearl finish in a slightly different shade of white. Although I wouldn’t call the design “raised”, you could feel a textural difference. The bowls and cups had part of the design on the inside and part on the outside.

The design on the above photo might look a little like sea coral but there were trunks as well as branches. I darkened this photo and added another shot so you could see it better.

corelle square frost trees

It is not a winter pattern or holiday pattern – I’d call it more of a nature study or stylized representation. Really very lovely. No boxed sets were available – it was al open stock. Considering that the official Corelle sites don’t have any trace of these, I’m thinking they might have been some failed regional or seasonal experiment and now they are being dumped into the Outlets to get rid of them instead of adding them to the standing product lists.

I’m posting this here as a public service for other dinnerware fanatics, outlet shoppers and Corelle fans so at least there will be internet record somewhere for these dishes.

Lazy Susan

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not like I don’t have anything to do. It’s that I don’t have anything better to do than moon over dishes on the internet. Inside, I could be sorting through the piles of clothing that I don’t wear anymore and bagging up various garments for removal from the premises. Outside, I could be pulling weeds or planting the last patch next to the driveway. But instead, I’m trolling the internet for china tea sets. Or parts thereof.

Q: But Suzette – don’t you already have a china tea set? And more dishes in general than you can ever possibly use?

A: What’s your point?

Here’s the thing: I find it soothing to look for things that I might possibly gift to (some unidentified) somebody at (no particular) sometime in the (vaguely defined) future. Unfortunately, in real life I am surrounded by vulgarians who do not wish to clutter themselves up with unnecessary household goods. I don’t understand it but there it is. And so I have to just content myself with the cyber version of window shopping.

But look what I found. Swoon! And I wasn’t even going to mention this because I still harbor the smallest glimmer of a notion that I might find someone to gift this upon. But what the heck here it is.


A breathtaking set of fine china; perfect for Tea/Coffee & Dessert or as a Luncheon Set  $35.00

Someone has so skillfully put together three different complimentary patterns from three different manufacturers that you have to look hard at them to realize it. This is just the kind of thing that kills me, especially since tea pots and sugar/creamers are still plentifully available to make this a full set. And can you imagine all this beauty for only $35.00? In the world of pieced-together china, sets this is unheard of.

So there it is, cyber buddies. Take it away. Pale pink roses, grey leaves and stems, platinum trim. * le sigh*

Okay. I confess. My Never Rests Neighbor, as opposed to my Volatile And Angry Neighbor on the other side, has been out there for hours doing things – big things – to maintain and improve his property. Which happens every day. But today I’m trying to focus on being lazy and he is right under my office window pushing his power mower around at breakneck speed. It made me so nervous that I had to step away from the keyboard and throw a couple of stained shirts and an old slip into a black garbage bag. If he keeps it up out there,  I might have to put away the winter nightgowns.

Must I Do Everything?

Madmen SE06 E3 This is a spoiler only if you have a thing for a certain type of vintage American dinnerware.

For all the internet chatter about last night’s episode of Mad Men, every single recap has missed an important and breathtaking moment. I am happy to rectify that. There were two fabulous stars on screen during the episode’s most talked about moment: Everyone’s heroine, Trudy … and her cup of coffee.


Stangl power

Here sits Trudy waiting – just waiting – for her worm of a husband to open his mouth. And she is waiting behind Stangl’s Amber Glo. When I went back to look at the recording of this episode, I realized there was more. Here, although the main focus of the shot is on a used dishtowel, you can plainly see the edge of the cup and saucer plus a luncheon plate.


I just love this pattern. Doesn’t it just scream “GAS COMPANY”?

I also spied a wee little creamer almost out of frame and when I snapped this, I didn’t realize that I also captured the Line Of The Night from my recording with closed captioning enabled.


Also, why is there not a twitter user named @petescoatrack? That is a main character if I’ve ever seen one.


If I was Pete’s coat rack, I would demand that scene be shot over with better lighting.

I’m torn about this because I want to accuse the set decorators of adding that off-kilter caned center decoration to make the coat rack look worse as a symbolic representation of how little Pete cares about where he pitifully conducts himself. Without that and without the horror film shadows, the rack really isn’t so awful.

Come to think of it, I’ve only seen this kind of thing in PBS Britcoms, so it has me wondering if he plundered what was left in Lane Pryce God Rest His Soul’s office. That would be gruesome but really, there’s no reason to have this here – clearly, there is a built-in coat closet right in that foyer. Odd.

Dishes And Fishes: In Which I Am A Dish Dectective

Hey, you know what? It’s 9 days into the new year and we haven’t talked about dishes yet. I KNOW!

Well. The DIL and I have casual conversations about cars, mostly about car colors. She likes the way Nissan does Black Amethyst on their Rogue model. I couldn’t afford to give her a car for Christmas but I did find a lovely old candy dish made of Black Amethyst depression glass. If you haven’t seen it, it’s glass that sits there minding its own business looking like shiny opaque black glass and then you hold it up to the light and BOOM! – purple. She would probably rather have had the car but was too polite to say so. I think she liked the candy dish, though.


The vase is a good example of the way the light shows purple when held to a strong light. The low dish on the red background is the actual candy dish for the DIL.

bBack in the summer, I was just cruising around looking at things on eBay and I came across some wacky bowls that had a simple design which reminded me of those 3D chalk drawings that make it look like there’s a hole in the sidewalk but it’s really a trick of perspective. I shared it in an IM conversation with my daughter because it was the kind of off-beat thing she would like – and she did – and then we moved on. But I couldn’t stop thinking about them so imagine my happiness to find that they were still available. I bought them as a Christmas present for my daughter who does a lot of random informal entertaining.

Cut to other random eBay trawling. I thought I might be able to find other pieces for her but without ID, I was limited to “hardboiled egg dishes” and “tomato dishes”. So I gave up and turned to one of her other main areas of interest – keeping her food from touching on a plate. This must have been  a big thing in the past because eBay is loaded with vintage three-section dishes called grill plates. One of my first searches brought up these:

Recognize that tomato?

Those tomatoes!!! The way the food casts little shadows!!! YES!!!

Again no markings or manufacturer ID but of course I snatched them up because who wouldn’t? Duh. It was set of two and the other plate has a lemon, some parsley and a beheaded sardine on it. … Wait … A sardine, you say? Like they featured on New Scandinavian Cooking?- a cooking show filmed in Norway which just happens to be the source country of Figgjo Flint dinnerware?
Oh yeah. It’s on now. And sure enough - these are Figgjo Flint dishes. I managed to cobble together 7 grill plates, one salad plate and the bowls for her Christmas gift but I am hampered by the fact that eBay sellers don’t know how to list these things without ID  and I don’t have a definite way to search for them. eBay.co.uk is a different story. That joint is loaded with them and they’re marked on the back. Look at this stuff:

right? RIGHT?

right? RIGHT? Nothing at all as interesting as these pieces ever shows up on American eBay.

Sadly - tragically – the sellers there won’t ship to the USA and even if they did it would be a frightful cost, plus a customs fee and the very likely issue of damage while in transit. So I continue to do sad random searches for these and to content myself with the knowledge while that I might not have a 7 piece hors d’oeuvre set, I do have possession of the only plate featuring a beheaded sardine that I have ever seen.



Post Script: I have a feeling that my daughter doesn’t even like these.