Art Imitates Life

On today’s episode of Early Morning On The Deck

I was outside deadheading the marigolds and clipping off the flowers from the basil plants when I noticed for the first time that the tall flower heads had a beautiful base on them that was neither leaf nor flower. Hard to imagine that I didn’t notice this before. As soon as I saw it, I thought that the designer of Stem #6016 on vintage Fostoria glassware must have been inspired by this.


I really enjoy looking at that area where the stem meets the bowl whenever I use one of these old glasses but I always assumed that I was looking at a flower not another botanical feature. Am I the only one that didn’t know this?

2 Things Of Very Little Interest To Anyone Else

1. We have a few cable channels that show TV shows from the 70s and 80s plus some B movies from the same era that have been gutted beyond reason to fit in more ad time. The ads are predominantly for male catheters, step-in bath tubs and reverse mortgages. I notice that the ads that run during Maude are almost exclusively for lawyers. Is it because the lawyers are trolling for customers who might identify with a loud-mouthed nag who never hesitates to confront people and is not beyond stirring the pot herself if things are quiet? The lawyers know their audience.

2. I was out on the deck early today living it up in the Zero-G , trying to drink my coffee while fully reclined and looking for vegan recipe ideas on my phone. [ gratitude for the life I have] It started to get humid so I was thinking about something cool to eat and I remembered a delicious gazpacho-like cold soup I had while I was in Tennessee last week. It was a puree of tomatoes, cucumbers and garlic. Then they wrecked it by adding small pieces of cooked shrimp. There was bite-sized bit of avocado in the center of the cup. It was really great despite the shrimp and remembering it made me think I could probably whip up a nice gazpacho for later.

The thing about gazpacho is that it’s like Thanksgiving stuffing – everybody has their own recipe and it’s all good so you can’t really make it wrong.


note to self: get it together, Suzette

Things were going so well right up until I went to dump the soup out of the stockpot I was working in to a plastic container for refrigeration. It is a mercy that I placed the container in the sink before I did the dump. So much precious soup gone down the drain but I guess it wouldn’t have fit in the container anyway. I tell you this because when I look back at my blogging history, it’s all comedy, aspiration and humblebrag. The truth of me almost never shows up here. The truth is I’m a messy mess.

As soon as there’s room for it when I take out my first cup of this, I’m going to dump in some McClure’s Bloody Mary Mix. I’m pretty sure that’s a vegan product.

So This Is Happening

I’m giving the strawberry pots another whirl.


I’ve never been successful with strawberries with these things. One year I got three berries, only one of which was edible. I did pretty well with Hen ‘n Chicks one year but I have those in a chicken flower pot this year and  even I have my limits. Portulacas did great one year and miserably the next. I don’t know. Maybe these begonias will be inspired by the towering tomato stakes.

You can see the remnants of Hurricane Sandy damage in this photo. The stand of the birdhouse village is warped and the thing can’t be straightened or positioned to appear straight. Next to it is a fallen branch belonging to our volatile and troublesome neighbor. Most of it is on his property with only the raw borken end of it hanging over our fence. At the moment, I don’t care because this is where the cardinals have made their nest and there’s lots of bright red streaking about to keep me entertained.

A Compelling Disincentive

grI’m thinking of buying one of those fancy zero-gravity recliners so that on a (fill in the blank) work day like this one, I can stumble downstairs and out onto the deck for a nice fresh air nap. The way my luck has been going lately though I’d probably die from a cicada flying into my gaping maw and plugging up my trachea while I slept. So maybe I won’t get one after all.

That Lovely Month

May 1st already?  Time for Occupy Gazebo.


The bundle on the table is my painting stuff. The bundle under the table is a filthy corgi.

At the risk of repeating myself, these roll-up blinds were a brilliant idea. Sometimes I like to do this half-way thing and let the lookyloos get only a partial glimpse. The blinds have helped me to understand that it’s not so much them seeing me that bothers me – it’s me seeing them that disturbs me. So halfway is good enough for privacy purposes. They go all the way down when the sun makes it unbearable to sit there.

I was going to work from the official office today instead of  from my extra bedroom, but why should I waste my time driving up and down the parkway? I can have lunch on the deck and then go buy bright red geraniums for the stoopscape.

Question: Do the commies still parade on May 1st? Related: little known fact about Suzette: I have an obsession with an Al Stewart CD called  Between The Wars which *deep breath* is  themed around of world events from 1918 to 1939. Each piece is done in a different style but one that suits the particular subject matter of the track. I am amazed at how much history I knew and forgot and remembered again when I first listened to this. Listen to any part of this work and see if the brilliance doesn’t take your breath away. Where else are you going to find a pop music piece meant for general audience that makes a quiet allusion to how the Japanese takeover of southeast Asian rubber tree plantations away from the French and the resulting global shortage impacted  European supply? I just reread that sentence and it sounds so dry but it’s not. It’s brilliant. I just used 4 times as many words as the complete reference in the song lyric:

“Far away, figures bend to tap the
Endless seas of rubber trees
To coat the wheels of Paris taxis”

I know the hipper parts of the interwebs are busy today with Jonathan Colton’s First Of May but they don’t even know. And so for May 1st, I present to you Joe the Georgian.

lyrics here

[Editor's note: If only I could think of a post that would include a reference to A League of Notions, even though I do not care for that cheap shot at the Pope at the end.]