It Kind Of Sneaks Up On You

… and then one day you realize that you know a lot of women named Tabitha.

Parents should consider their daughters’ future career path before selecting this name. “Meet our new VP, Tabbie”.  Not happening.

The internet says that this is a biblical name* that means “gazelle”. The internet does not say that this is a Bewitched name. But you know it is. Let’s turn to science shall we?

You can’t argue with science. Well, you can but you’d better not be dumb if you try it.

How do you express this chart? Is it that in 1966 (1) in every 180 people were named Tabitha? That doesn’t sound right. Or it is that Tabitha was ranked at 180 in popularity? I don’t know. The graphs seem to support my position but I’m not sure how to express what they are telling us. (Maybe this is how AGW got started.)  But however you read it, you can clearly see that Tabitha zoomed to its highest popularity in the US in the mid-to-late 60s. Canadians have a ways to go to catch up with the Tabitha trend.

* Yeah. I don’t know. I had a bible once and I don’t recall any Tabithas in it. Of course as a Catholic we didn’t actually read the bible for ourselves. We were told the things we needed to know. Apparently the priests and nuns didn’t see fit to inform us that Peter raised people from the dead too. This is news to me and frankly it sounds a little sketchy.

It Is Balloon

Nashville airport its celebrating its 75th anniversay and they’re doing it by hanging balloons all over the terminals. Most are a kind of attractive arrangement strung through the terminal halls of one big white ball surrounded by colorful little balloon balls. It’s hardly worth mentioning those because of the main installation over the ticket counters of a half-scale model of a DC-3 made out of 20,000 helium balloons. Article here with video.

How would you like it if you were all sweaty at 6:45 in the morning riding an escalator that you have been on a hundred times before just trying to get yourself together and you look up and see this thing coming over the guard rail?

I was wrong when I told my twitter friend that the paper propellers were lazily turning. Apparently the design has built in engines to turn them.

Note: Sorry for the post title. It’s just that some things have been stuck in my head for decades and every now and then they have to surface. Here – you carry it around for a while.

Sweaty Nashville

Do you know that you have to pump your own gas in Tennessee? It made me sweat at 6:30 in the morning.

When I pulled into the Hertz return, the Hertz guy greeted me by saying “Oh, you’re back again.” I don’t think he recognized me as much as he recognized the outfit I always wear when I travel.

A woman using a white cane called out to me when I was about 12 feet away from her and asked for a lighter. She called me “ma’am”. I guess she wasn’t totally blind and knew I was a woman from the location of food stains on my bosom.

Come to think of it, all of my clothes except for the fancy wedding clothes have either food stains or paint drips on them.

I should probably get some new clothes.

Also I have had it with this Southern drawl business. The shuttle driver called me “ma’am” too. My first reaction to hearing that is always to wonder if they are kidding me.

Also the correct pronunciation of T-I-R-E is TY-er not tahr.

Also give it a rest about your haunted houses. Nobody believes you anyway.

Nashville got on my nerves this trip.

Obama Event Registry – Boom Boom

As a registered nurse of many,  many years I can tell you with professional authority that people people love to talk about their bowel movements. My professional responsibility was to inquire if a patient had a bowel movement. The answer I sought was  simple YES or NO. But did it ever stop there? No – I’ve been treated to more specific details about individuals that you can imagine, sometimes I got historical recounting covering weeks or months. For this reason, I forbid any of my family members or close friends to even broach the subject with me, no matter what their health issues are. I have heard enough.

But hey – is there any more personal or highly anticipated event in a person’s life? NO! Why not take advantage of it? After all, to paraphrase a famous man – never let a good human waste product go to waste. 

Boom Boom For Barack

Obama Event Registry – Babies

Hey, I think it’s great idea. Great for parodies, I mean. For instance, what if “the left” practiced what they preached and actually did what they expect “the rest of us” to do?

Babies For Obama

This has the makings of a good series but like everything else about the White House, the president and the Obama campaign these days, this has a very short shelf life. Things only last for a few days and then are replaced by some new thing even more ridiculous.

Did We Run Out Of Gin Again, BEHbee?

Andy Cohen ruined Bravo. There’s no point in watching it at all anymore. In fact, it’s so badly damaged that they’ll have to just pull the plug on the whole network and restart as something else. It’s just too bad for me that the promos are inescapable and that there’s one sound bite stuck in my head forever. The biggest trashball on any Housewives Of franchise has a young boyfriendnowfiance that calls her “baby” all the time. Only he pronounces it BEHbee.

BEHbee. I can’t get it out of my head.

Maybe I’ll start addressing Sami that way in our real-life production of Real Lower Middle Class Housewives of Central Jersey:

“Say, BEHbee – have you checked out this week’s Shoprite Flyer?”

“Are those your socks on the floor, BEHbee?”

“Finish this creamed spinach BEHbee so that I can wash the dish.”

Maybe if I own the word, I can get it out of my head.