One Hundred Dollars To The Cain Campaign Right Now

Something weird happened to my cable TV transmission this morning. It froze and it stayed that way for  a while. I thought it was just the local news station but when I started clicking around, it was all of them. All of them until I hit 25. CNN.

What. A. Cesspool.

They were in full tut-tutting head-shaking innuendo about Herman Cain.

I had the bad fortune to tune in just as the robo-goon from CNN was interviewing the eyebrows-up “reporter” from Polticio. Jesus God. These people are despicable.

Breast Story: Foundation

I realize that because I’ve been absent from blogging that I am woefully behind in breast stories for the month of October. Here’s one:

None of my bras fit me like they should. I don’t even know what to look for anymore since they changed the bra size system. When I was 25, I needed a strapless bra for my sister’s wedding. I was living in NYC then so I went to a tiny little specialty shop that sold only foundation garments. I spoke to the tiny little elderly proprietor and she told me to strip.  Deed done, she asked looked at my front and she looked at my back and then pronounced in a very think Eastern European accent “34B”.  Then she zipped away and returned with a single item. And it fit perfectly.

I need her now. Where are the bra experts these days? Not in New Jersey, that’s for sure.

Hello New Jersey You Snowy SOB

I’m back from my business trip. No jet lag this time, just a little bloody crustiness inside my nose from the stupid climate of Denver which managed to be snowing and dry at the same time. I’m thrilled to be back on home turf where it is familiarly snowing and wet at the same time.

Here is your confluence of weather: autumn glory, the last rose of summer and a wintry mix of snow and rain in one convenient location.

Must dash now to argue with a carful of adults who think it’s a reasonable plan to drive to upstate NY in the snow storm. Your Lithuanian/Egyptian-Americans are a tough demographic to deal with.