ALMOST Got It Right

I think they missed the headline here. It should read:

Michelle Obama And Her Diamond Earrings Take An AP Photographer Shopping At Target

This story is showing in my  feed burner as published in more than 1400 locations. I don’t think  this was staged at all. I always push an empty cart around while carrying my purchases in plastic bags and my purse strap is slipping off of my shoulder. Don’t you?

it depends on what your definition of incognito is

Also, I love the part about how she went unrecognized except for the check out lady. Even the shopper in the line in front of her taking pictures with 2 smart phones didn’t recognize her. I guess she just like her ball cap.

Raise Your Hand If You’re Interested In Girdles And Hairspray

UPDATE: Liveblogging the Pan Am premiere:

10:12 pm ET Cold open trying too hard. Love the gloves. Too much music; not enough eyeliner.

Girdle mentions: 2

10:22 pm ET None of these girls have enough make-up on. The handsome young rock star of a pilot had a decided Chuck Yeager deficiency  in that announcement from the cabin. I want to like this show. I hope they step it up pretty soon.

Girdle mentions: 2

10:34 pm ET Trying to think of something positive to say here. Thinking …. thinking ….

Girdle mentions: 0

10:43 pm ET OK. Just breathe. In and out. This thing is going into a nosedive. It might already be too late. Here’s a string of words – which do you think was not part of that last segment: Bay of Pigs, released prisoners, state department, proposal, tousled hair. Psyche! They were all in it.

Girdle mentions: 0

10:58 pm ET Well, that was a disappointing mess. I must keep in mind that this is the pilot and that the real episodes might be on a slightly more elevated level.

Girdle mentions: 0

Summary: Wrong make up, wrong hairdos, NO DISHES, and not a nun in sight. I must remember that this was the pilot and the regular episodes might be better. It wasn’t a total waste of time, though – in the last scene, a gaggle of stews walked through the airport just like a bunch of nuns would have. I’m afraid I can only give this a rating of  1 girdle out of a potential score of 5.


This is another post about TV. Now, look – it’s not like the only thing I do is watch TV, or even that I watch a lot of TV. I just like you all to know about the most interesting things on TV. There’s a new show premiering tonight called Pan Am:The planes are glamorous, the pilots are rock stars and the stewardesses are the most desirable women in the world.

I already love this because of the Pan Am “experts” who are going to be watching this with an eagle eye for detail and the indignant comments already piling up on the ABC website directed towards the real Pan Am and ABC, one for bad management decisions and the other for bad programming decisions. Both sets of commenters are rehashing the past.

  • “When this is taken off – probably about mid way through the season, this is ABC after all – will you show the employees being cheated out of their promised retirement benefits like the real PAN AM did?”
  • “Sounds like a remake of “The Love Boat” set on an airplane.”
  • “You need to change the “PAN AM” blue ball that you are using in the title– which is from the late 70s, early 80s. The letters in the 60s era blue ball did not touch, and the shade of blue was lighter.”
  • “Couldn’t you just bring back the Wonder Years, or Leave it to Beaver?”

I looked at the video interviews of some real Pan Am stewardesses and noticed at the end that the foul Disney organization has a hand in the production of this series. Their anti-Catholic bias is well known so this means that we’re likely to see storylines about dealing with amorous advances  from an incognito priest or a nun in full regalia giving birth mid-flight.

Can you believe Pan Am used to roast the beef on board and carve it on a cart in the aisle?

Nothing Is Happening

Here are there things that keep me away from blogging:

  1. very busy at work*
  2. socializing in the evening**
  3. counting down the time between meals of soft cooked eggs***
  4. on-line oogling of 70s Norwegian dinnerware****
  5. nothing much ever happens to me*****

Sometimes I watch old TV programs on the internet. I started many a post about how ABC Family channel cancelled Huge after one season but I cant’ bring myself to talk about it. I’m not even going to link to any description of it because it was so wonderfully done and so universally appealing that nothing does it justice.

Another show I loved that got cancelled after on season is Outsourced, which had predictable and trite storylines, low-budget production values and got a lot of negative attention for stereotyping the non-American characters. But I don’t care because HEAD BOBBLE. FYI – I’ve adopted the head bobble as my signature gesture, but I only do it when I’m on conference calls. (After the TV show was cancelled, I saw the original movie, which i didn’t even know there was one, and was taken quite by surprise by its quiet humor and subtle progression from lack of awareness to quiet acceptance of cultural differences. I highly recommend it, even though it doesn’t have a single head bobble in it.)

Finally, I’d like to tell you that I’m working my way through Jeeves & Wooster on YouTube. Bertie Wooster is the reason that I never have and never will watch House. Whenever I’m feeling a little down, I check in on Gussie Fink-Nottle envying how easy it is for newts to court the ladies.

* don’t ask
** once
*** definitely should have gotten the clucking chicken
**** ~swoon~
***** seriously

Guess What I Had For Lunch?

You might think you don’t want an electric egg cooker, but let me tell you that you absolutely NEED AN ELECTRIC AN EGG COOKER.

Guess what I had for lunch? I had two PERFECTLY COOKED soft eggs that had the tops neatly sliced off  and I ate them with a  little Euro-style egg spoon. Highly recommended.

(L) After (R) Also after. I couldn't wait to take a picture. The cooker is quite petite.

If there was anything that wasn’t top notch about the whole experience, it would have to be the plain whiteness of the whole thing. Look at it – white eggs,  white egg cup, white napkin, white plate. Although I am a big fan of white dinnerware in general (because that’s how you can tell if the dishes are really clean) there are times that call for a more colorful presentation strategy. OBVIOUSLY we’re going to have to do something about this situation. There are also remnants of toast on that plate as well but I have no remarks about the toast.

I Think Not

So World Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Mom™ Michelle Obama came to NYC. Are we still doing this? Isn’t the story the same thing over and over? She came, she was “beautiful”, she’s so fashionable. Yada yada yada. I wonder who those reporters are looking at?

Without even looking at a photo, I can predict her appearance and it’s not a pretty package. Really, who seriously believes that all these things add up to a good look?

  • hair short and loosely curled, pushed back from the face
  • over-sized jewelry
  • strong colors
  • exposed arms
  • sparkly dress fabric
  • full skirt to disguise less-than-perfect body
  • wide, inelegant stance
  • bare legs
  • big shoes that don’t match the rest of the ensemble

Here’s a picture – see if I’m right.