Some See A Hurricane Some See Opportunity

Hello, readers! Here I am high and dry after the hurricane, coming to you from my office where there is plenty of electricity, water, internet access and air conditioning. Unlike my home.

Although our power was in one of the first areas to go out on Saturday about 9pm, we’re going to be one of the last to have power restored. Bonus aggravation: we have no water, either. But don’t worry – it’s not all bad. The California Girls and our son moved into their townhouse on Friday and we moved in with them, complete with dog, on Sunday.

If there was ever a man who knew how to make lemonade out of  50 mile an hour lemons, it’s Sami.  I stopped at our house on the way to the office this morning and what do you suppose I saw?

“it followed me home. can i keep it?”

Hey, look! It’s a free hose reel that blew in on the hurricane. The only thing that would have made him happier is if a free lawn mower or a free vacuum cleaner blew into his path. Of course, we don’t need another hose reel – we’re about +2 the way it is but maybe our son needs one. This townhouse thing has opened up a new realm of trash pile harvesting possibilities. And that, as you know, makes Sami very happy.

Welcome To NJ

We went to check out the townhouse where the California girls and my son will be living. They got a nice neighborhood  welcome from this:

For size reference, the yellow leaves are 1" long.

It is, of course, rubber. But after their drive across country and their encounters with many regional bugs they hadn’t known before, they were prepared to believe that this was a living creature. So was I.

Yesterday was their first encounter with NJ humidity. We did it up right with the full-on saturation hairdo-killer kind of humidity just to get it over with on their first day here.  I think it made them miss California. Also, fun with the term “storm door”, which was new to them.

Today: the moving van arrives. Update: it’s here. Question: How much do you tip the moving guys?

Tomorrow: hurricane!


I knew something was up when I opened my bedroom door and came toe-to-face with Stedman.

The dog only comes upstairs when driven by heavy rain or thunder and the weather is good this morning. Today, as soon as he saw me he started running around and vocalizing  as if  Timmy fell into the well. Turns out the California girls -AND their dog, who was the true subject of Stedman’s distress  – arrived in the middle of the night.

Day 4 1/2. Those girls just couldn't wait to get to New Jersey! CAN YOU BLAME THEM?

They pushed through and drove 14 hours from Nashville to central NJ in one day. Apparently we did such a  good job of selling NJ to them that they couldn’t wait another day to get here.

Rocco is good. He’s just sitting in the den minding his B-I-bidness but Stedman is freaked out. We forgot to inform him that canine company was coming.

This Is My 1500th Post*

After stopping off for a hunka hunka burning supper at Graceland, the California Caravan reached Nashville last night.

I should ask them to stop in Knoxville and pick up another corgi for me.

We tried to make them feel welcome by arranging a lovely little earthquake so that they would feel at home here but we were a few days too early. To make up for it, we’ll be throwing a Cat 3 hurricane for them on the weekend.


* This is my 1500th post at WordPress. I was more prolific during my time at Blog*spot, GreyMatter and Typepad.

Spoiler Alert: They Aren’t Even “Grape Nuts”

Announcement: I’ve broken the chains of habit and changed the way I put Grape Nuts onto yogurt. Here it is:

These aren't even Grape Nuts. They're the ShopRite brand Natural Wheat & Barley Nuggets. Sounds enticing, does it not?

Previously, I would put the yogurt into a  bowl and then sprinkle the Grape Nuts evenly on the top. A few days ago, I was reflecting on it and realized that you have to be (a)  a speed eater to avoid the soggification of the Grape Nuts or (b) resigned to the fact that the supercrunchy cereal is going to go soggy sooner or later.

But ever since I started to pile the Grape Nuts to one side of the bowl, I believe that I am more in control of my breakfast. I can add the Grape Nuts to a spoon full of yogurt as I like, or even have a spoon of nothing but yogurt – something that couldn’t be done with the previous method.

I also enjoy – and this is how I know I have too much free time – excavating the yogurt out from underneath the Grape Nuts  and seeing how many spoonfuls I can remove before the Grape Nut layer collapses. I’ve found that if you carefully take the yogurt out in a straight line moving from the center to the edge, you can get farther than if you take away adjoining spoonfuls along the edge of the Grape Nuts border.

That is all.


Day 3. the carload of Californians has arrived in Fayetteville AR, which they find utterly charming.

Here’s Some Bullshit

For what reason, I ask you, did I save my Martha Stewart 4-color paint chip all these years if it’s of no earthly good?

Years ago – 8 years maybe – Martha Stewart hit K Mart and  among the MS offerings there was her paint line. I got Old Brick for the den, Pongee for the powder room and laundry and Magnolia for the trim. I saved the color card for reference. I know you’ve forgotten about my den redecorating project or perhaps assumed that it was completed a long time ago, but we are just getting around to painting the walls now.

Since we decided on Pongee for the den, I pulled out the trusty color card from it’s secure location and sent the Hub off to Home Depot with it. And guess what they told him?

  • Martha doesn’t make this color number any more.
  • No record exists for the formula to replicate the color number anywhere at all.
  • They can’t analyze the color card and do a match from that because the “pongee” area is too small.
  • Martha has many paint colors  called “pongee”. You dunce.
  • Don’t come asking for the Behr “Safari” as a close match like the know-it-alls on Flikcr recommend because they don’t even have a color named “Safari”

But all is well. Sami chipped off a chunk of laundry room wall paint and took that in to be analyzed. And look how beautifully this is turning out:

Very peaceful, despite the amount of trippables scattered around, the overall disorganization and the canine “helper”.


Day 2. The California girls made it to Oklahoma City safe and sound. The dog isn't thrilled with the trip.