What Every New Bride Should Know

and he has a very, very big ... profile.

I’m sure you all remember that Huma Abedin-Weiner, the thin-as-a-pin wife of self-proclaimed #hacked! bachelor congressman Anthony ‘Weiner’ Weiner, was Hillary Clinton’s personal aide for many years. Word is that they were very close. I’m sure that when Huma told Hillary that she was planning to marry, Hillary sat her down for a little talk about what to expect. After all, Hill is an expert in suffering from  being married to a left-leaning, progressive politician.

Not only does she have her personal experience to draw on, but her close proximity to other big profile Dems has given her many opportunities to observe exactly how these guys operate within the confines of a traditional marriage. Forewarned is forearmed so  I’m quite sure that HRC covered the following warning signs that something may be amiss in the relationship:

-  sudden increase in the par level of cigar inventory

-  unexpected inquiry as to why you never wear a beret

- any mention of the phrase “waitress sandwich”

- late-night invitation to go for a long drive off a short pier

- giving interviews to Playboy magazine discussing lusting in the heart

- lipstick stains on the peanut shells

- pillow talk focuses on a ‘missile crisis’

- accidentally calls you ‘Marilyn’

Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y leans to the left. We know because we saw the picture.

Unfortunately, all of this first hand information was gleaned before the intensive use of social media. Today’s problems are so complicated – the internet giveth and the internet taketh away. In this case, the internet gave A. Weiner a hack and then in short order took it way and replaced it with a prank. Now lawyers are involved because it evolved into a distraction! Poor Huma  must be so confused and Hillary can’t help. The wife of A. Weiner has to go it alone. How will she know what to make of it?  Here’s a nice little summary of the action to date.

But – no matter #hack! or prank or distraction – there doesn’t seem to be a denial that the offending photo is that of the distinguished NY Congressman.The issue seems to be how it went public.  But does it matter? If Huma and A.Weiner are true to established Democratic naughty behavior pattern, then Huma will ignore all evidence of comely co-eds, late night DMs and whatever else is about to be brought to light regarding A. Weiner’s personal habits and preferences.

And A. Weiner can go back to ‘focusing on his work’, whatever that work may happen to be. near as I can figure, it’s fear mongering and blaming Republicans.

Eye Yi Eye

Caption This

Yin And Yang

Back when I was 10years old, my uncle gave me two dimes to spend on anything I wanted. I went to the corner store and after long and careful consideration,  I bought a pearl necklace and a slingshot. Fast forward to this month: I had a Mother’s Day gift card to spend and after careful consideration, I bought a giraffe-print faux leather satchel and an industrial AM/FM radio.

Large Red Vicky Giraffe Print Faux Leather Satchel Handbag and Sangean LB-100 “Lunchbox” Compact Industrial AM/FM Radio

I tell you this so that if you ever see a lady business traveler parading through an airport terminal hauling a red-trimmed giraffe bag and swinging a rain-proof/dust-proof radio with a roll bar around, you’ll know who I am.

Summer On the Deck/Summer In the City

We almost killed ourselves* / each other** yesterday battling tree roots in the heat and humidity. Axes were involved. Today is my actual birthday and Mother Nature has noted the occasion by sending some seriously crazy birds to flap around right in front of me while I sit on the deck with my coffee. Thanks, Mother Nature – that will do.

honey from the rooftops of West Philadelphia

The birthday presents are starting to roll in in earnest now – the first of which is a jar of raw honey from the rooftops of my daughter’s Philadelphia neighborhood. Uncompensated review: DELICIOUS!  Did you know that I have a great interest in small-production local honey? Well, I do. But I didn’t know about Summer In The City. What a cool thing.

*  accidentally

** on purpose


1. My roses opened up while I was fighting off the cicada invasion in Nashville this week. BFD, right? These don’t even take any care – they just pop up on their own. My goal is to let them turn into a 7 foot high bramble to compensate for the loss of majesty in the front yard (the rhodos.) Sami, of course, suggests pruners.


3. I forgot to note that last week marked the 10th anniversary of my blog. 10 years of talking about nothing. Welcome to the next decade!

4. Tomorrow is my birthday. It’s a big one. My friends have been celebrating for two weeks already. By the way, I didn’t get your gift yet. Were you late mailing it?

5. All of that pales in comparison this this one. This is the big one. After 5 years in the wilderness (southern California), my son is coming back to New Jersey. He accepted a job in Princeton which is about 35 miles away. We’re all hysterically happy about it, except for our California born and bred daughter-in-law-to-be. Right now, she’s in the ‘cautiously optimistic’ stage. She’s saving her hysterical happiness for when she gets here and gets the full Jersey experience. I forgot to tell her that she won’t ever have to pump her own gas for as long as she lives here. That should ramp up the excitement.

A Question About Chickens

Rubber Chicken Hen Tote Bag Handbag Purse Pocketbook “Henbag” $26.99 at Amazon.com

This is a picture of a chicken purse, not an actual chicken. Still, I believe the intention was to recreate an actual chicken. With handles.

I get the red comb on the chicken’s head and I get the red wattle hanging below the beak. But what are those other red things on the side of the chicken eyeball? Chicken ears?

I don’t know enough about chicken parts to commit to a bag like this. But I do know that I would never want to be walking around with an incorrect representation of a chicken. That would be laughable.