Artistically Created With Ironed Magnolia Leaves

When I first found out, I was enthralled for several hours by the fact that the floats in the Rose Bowl Parade were made of flowers, seeds and plant parts. Then I got over it and couldn’t think of any other reason to ever think about the floats again.Until this morning, when I came across this story:

President Ronald Reagan has inspired what’s being billed as the first-ever Rose Parade float with a presidential theme, and it’s in honor of the former California governor’s 100th birthday.

Sounds historic to me. Another sign that the Obama WH is in disarray. They missed the opportunity for this first. Maybe once they get wind of it, Barry will horn in on  the Reagan float the same way our hulking enormous First Lady horned in on Laura Bush at the PA 9/11 ceremony. There’s not much more to the story at that link …

” … it features replicas of 11 black-and-white photos of moments in Reagan’s life, and those photos have been constructed by hand out of onion seed, poppy seed and rice. “

… so let’s make up our own. Let’s just say that there was an Obama float in the Rose parade. What kind of flowers, seeds or plans would it be made of? Feel free to use the suggested items from the list below or make your own additions. Alterations in spelling and clarifying additions most heartily welcomed.

  • dickweed
  • mugwort
  • red hot poker
  • money plant
  • black wattle
  • lipstick plant
  • elephant ears
  • creeping charley
  • balloon flower
  • shepherd’s purse
  • cissus
  • snake weed
  • varigated obsequium
  • smoke tree
  • pole bean
  • grass
  • pig weed
  • russian sage
  • fire plant

I’d Like to Tie A Big Red Ribbon Around Each And Every Goose’s Neck And Then Pull It Very Tight

Just in time for Christmas, the picturesque but verminous and unwanted Canada Geese have returned to plague the parking lot at work.

Officer, arrest those geese!

In case you live in a part of the country that has not yet been invaded – and believe me, it’s only a matter of time – these creatures eat and walk and poop at the same time. Long green turds all over the roads and sidewalks. 30 years ago, they left Canada and  flew over NJ on their seasonal migratory path and they liked it so much that they stayed all winter long. They especially like corporate parks for the wide swaths of delicious greenery, the ponds and fountains and the many shrubberies under which to raise their numerous offspring. They’re nasty and they won’t move out of the way even for cars. When its goose baby season, they attack you if your normal walking path takes you anywhere near their foul nests.

Well, the buildings are cleared out now until Monday and by that time this mob will have established themselves and the pavement will be green with their holiday weekend merriment.

If it was possible I’d give every one of you, my dear readers, a nice big Christmas goose.

Happy holidays to you all.

The 4 Stages of ‘Miracle on 34th Street’

Who can escape watching Miracle on 34th Street this week? It seems like every time I turn on the TV, there it is. I watched it two times in two days* and found that I was focusing on different things each time I watched it. Then it hit me that throughout my lifespan, I’ve been focusing on different aspects of the film depending on where I was in my social development.

Stage 1. Santa Of course Santa. When I first encountered this movie in the network-only backwater that I grew up in, I was already beyond believing but who wouldn’t want to entertain the idea, even only briefly, that he might really be out there somewhere, even though you know he’s not. I think the timing of my first viewing might have been immediately after the There was a real Santa but he died in a helicopter crash phase on my BELIEVE timeline.

Stage 2. Career Gal Love those 40s movies where the department store workers have mink coats and plod home in suede high heels to their apartments overlooking Central Park. Maybe that’s the underlying reason that I moved to NYC as soon as I could. Never did get a mink but there was point where I had a full-length synthetic possum coat. I looked stunning. Better than a possum, anyway.

Stage 3. House Later in life when I contemplated my own ideal future life, a vision of that charming Cape Cod-style house was part of it. No wonder little Susan Walker was so insistent about it.  Looking at the house this week on the first viewing, I see now that it was thrown up as part of a collection of Long Island cracker boxes of the sort that gives “suburban development” a bad name. On the second viewing, I saw that it didn’t have enough windows and I would never consider it in real life for that reason alone. Life experience can be a real drag sometimes.

Stage 4. Cane Ever since Sami’s bout with Lyme Disease, he uses a cane in the morning until he gets going. We have a collection of canes: the upstairs cane, the downstairs cane, the car cane, etc. One of them is even a classic wooden cane like the one leaning against the fireplace at the end of the movie. Sometimes I come downstairs in the morning and I can determine at what point in his morning routine he didn’t need the cane anymore by where he leaves it. Hanging on the oven handle, hanging on the chair back, hanging on the edge of the kitchen sink, etc. For one brief moment, we’re back to Stage 1 as I think “That’s just like the cane in the move”. Then I wonder if Mrs. Claus ever sharply exhales in disgust when she finds abandoned canes in her way.

. . . . . . .

Related / Tragic: from Our Department of Can’t They Leave Anything The Hell Alone?

I am very glad I didn’t know about the 1992 remake of one of my favorite Christmas movies until last night because I had 18 years of blissful ignorance. That’s over.  Click here if you want to be repelled.

* Sami was on the couch recuperating from ILI**  and watched it more times than that. Consecutively.

** Influenza-Like Illness. (Ain’t I a pain?)

Cripes Suzette, Internet Dish Detective

I know it’s a busy week what with Christmas coming up and all, so you might not have time to look into this yourself. Not to worry – Cripes Suzette, Internet Dish Detective is here to help.

Perhaps you’ve heard that for the first time ever, an official line of commemorative china items is being created to mark the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Blah blah blah … embellished with several layers of burnished gold and platinum … blah blah blah … profits from sales of the china will benefit … blah blah blah. The thing I’d like to draw your attention to is this part right here: the design also includes hearts, doves and ribbons. As seen in the photo below:

brand “new” china design

So far, so good. Overall, the design is a little fussy for me but that is not what has caught my eye about this. It’s those doves flitting about with golden rings in their mouths. Where have I seen this before?

Ah, yes – eBay! At the moment I happen to be on the lookout for vintage enameled bridal compacts from the 1950s. I haven’t found anything in good enough shape to make a bid on yet, but I do keep seeing the same design over and over. And here it is:

Elgin American Ladies Compact, c.1950. Imagine the girly world that this bride lived in.

I don’t know about you, but it seems mighty coincidental to me. The lazy sods who design special-project china for Stoke-On-Trent seem not to have bothered coming up with their own design but instead have rooted around in their mother’s keepsake drawers for inspiration.  I’m not one to make forecasts*, but this low level of effort doesn’t exactly doesn’t bode well for Kate and Wills.

I can’t get too worked up about it because I’m in the frame of mind where I think doves flying around carrying wedding rings are super sweet. But I did want you to know that even though I am very busy I still find time to attend to you, dear readers, by keeping you informed of exactly what is going on in the world of dish design.

* I gave up the forecasting when it turned out that I was wrong about Jerry Lewis’ imminent demise in 2003.

Add To Watch List

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Must Read

Santa already told me that I’m getting a Kindle for Christmas. What books do you recommend ?

Update: Ok, here’s a question – if the Kindle has an adjustable back light for the text display, why do they sell book lights for Kindles? Is a  light really necessary?

Update 2: Ok then – how do you mark your place when you are in the midst of a book and have to step away? Also, is there a way to designate which books you’ve read and which you have not yet?