A Bad, Crazy Day for Blogging

“A man understands one day that his life is built on nothing, and that’s a bad, crazy day.” Cosmo Castorini, Moonstruck

file under:  Cooperation, lack of:

How disappointing is it that I am in temporary possession of a belly dance hip scarf with 350 dangling coins on it AND a new Blackberry that has a built-in video camera but my husband has finally grown suspicious of my motives when I say things like “Why don’t you put that on and dance around a little bit?”

I’m A Rascal, Too. A Pierogi Rascal.

“With the average Japanese cable TV viewer being totally ignorant of American geography, however, the name “Jersey Shore” needed an explanatory subtitle. So MTV Japan has decided on “MTV Jersey Shore — the New Jersey life of macaroni rascals.”
or as D Listed puts it, Japan Should Name Everything
Related – Spell Check always tries to change my last name to “Rascally”.

Lancelot and Guinivere

Hells Angels, 1965

life.com just put up a never-seen before, unpublished Hells Angels gallery.

I really should start taking notes about things that I read in passing so that I can refer to them later.  One such thing that really struck me was reading  a passage about the Knights of the Round Table and their code of honor.

Instead of repeated the common wisdom that these were outstanding men of their generation whose personal code of honor held them above the common level of behavior, the article said that they were really more like Hell’s Angels. Tough guys with steely reputations, roaming the land in small bands led by the toughest guy in the group, fighting other knights as they came across them, living by a code that they developed themselves. I think of that every time I see an image of grubby outlaw bikers.

Reading Jezebel comments never gets old for me.  They are filled with judgmental and self-aggrandizing specimens who imagine that their social commentary is original and has value.  Feminists! Little baby feminists.