2 + 1

Look what a successful tomato farmer I am. Not only did my two cherry tomato plants start producing golf-ball sized fruits, but an entirely unplanned tomato plant sprung up from between the crack in the patio blocks.

Battle Tomato. Which tomato will dominate this New Jersey backyard?

Ok – maybe the tomato plants were mislabeled in the nursery. And maybe the nursery was the garden section at Home Depot – mystery solved!  The volunteer tomato plant is no shy little Sweet 100s. It’s a robust, beefy Jersey tomato, pushing the concrete aside to make sure it gets it’s share of the sunshine. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a cable network approached it with an offer for it’s own reality show. Yo!

Mystery Solved

I’m in Nashville and it suddenly occurred to me why Al Gore is all worked up about global warming. BECAUSE IT’S LIKE A DAD-BLAMED OVEN IN THIS TOWN, THAT’S WHY.

Gawd. It’s 99 degrees today and they’re those humidity degrees, too. Feels like 103!

And you know what? It makes you cranky. For instance, I walked into a hotel ladies room and I saw floor tiles on the walls.

Now under the best of circumstances, this bothers me. But today, I couldn’t take it. Even the lovely metallic sheen of the coppery formica on the stall walls wasn’t enough to combat my disgust.  Whoever thought this up should be shot. I say floor tiles on the floor and if you want tiles on the walls, that’s your business but then at least use tiles meant for walls.

Tomorrow I’m taking on lousy restaurant coffee.

This Is A List For Me

I’m putting this here for myself because whenever anyone asks me what I’m reading or if I could recommend “a good book”, I go completely blank. [FYI - most of the people I know in real life cannot appreciate such a fascinating and varied assortment of topics such as those which interest me. No one ever acts upon my recommendations. They are the weirdos, not me. ] These are the books I’m reading in relay right now:

The Checklist Manifesto

“A remarkably liberating and persuasive inquiry into what it takes to work successfully and with a personal sense of satisfaction. A checklist is a way of organizing that empowers people at all levels to put their best knowledge to use, communicate at crucial points, and get things done.”

Subtitled How To Get Things Right. Because I’m willing to try anything. And I read this on my days off, too which reeks of desperation.

1960: LBJ vs. JFK vs. Nixon: The Epic Campaign That Forged Three Presidencies

This Three future presidents, one history-making election, and a thousand secrets revealed for the first time. This is no insider account;  they are not portrayed sympathetically. Johnson, the product of a hardscrabble existence, is viewed as domineering, obnoxious, and ruthless; yet he was the only true FDR-style liberal of the three, and his concern for the disadvantaged was genuine. Kennedy, in contrast, was laid-back, viewed as lazy or uninteresting by his senatorial colleagues, and seemed to lack any distinct political principles. Nixon was brilliant, suspicious, and prone to self-pity, but he probably had the best mastery of the issues.

My one true beloved political heart throb: Lyndon. Yes, he was the beegest liberal of them all, outdoing FDR himself but he consolidated his power without losing sight of his priorities in terms of the public good. His personal ethics may have been in line with the Do As I Say Not As I Do party philosophy of the Democrats, but his goal really was a true Great Society.

Girls Like Us: Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon

“A time of extremes, the 60s found folk music and feminist cultures just beginning to define themselves.  Pioneering success in the music business led inevitably to similar roles in the women’s movement, but the author doesn’t overlook the content of their songs and the effect they have on a generation of women facing a lot more choice, but with no one to guide them.  A strong amalgam of nostalgia, feminist history, astute insight, beautiful music and irresistible gossip.”

Three musical ladies; one common denominator: James Taylor’s weiner. Ok, two common denominators: unexpected pregnancies.

On the shelf: I’m waiting for my daughter to finish this one and then I’m taking it over:

Detour: A Hollywood Story

“She viewed her mother as two separate people…Mommy and “that Lana Turner person”. The heart of the book is about one of the most talked-about scandals in Hollywood history–the murder of reputed mob soldier Johnny Stampanato. It was 14-year-old Cheryl, overhearing a fierce argument between her mother and Stampanato, that compelled her to rush into the boudiour and stab the man to death. “

Did you know that Lana Turner had her hair done and got a manicure every single day of her adult life until the day she died? Probably in her boudiour.

The Largest Herbaceous Flowering Plant

... is the Cavendish banana. Read about the impending Banana Apocalypse at Today I Found Out. Truth be told, Lenka was years ahead of this story at Farkleberries.

Anyway, a world without bananas is too gruesome to contemplate.

Related: how monkeys peel a banana.

Not related in any way to the subject of this post, but here are my first day lilies to open. I like to take credit whenever I can for being a master gardener when in fact everyone knows day lilies  just look good on their own. However I was the one who recognized that the way the late day sun was shining on them would make a good photo so give me that at least, will you?

"Raspberry Sherbet" day lilies plus bonus invasive mint.