I’m On Vacation So It Took Me 5 Days to Hit “Publish” On This Post

Sunday morning, California. Everyone still asleep after late night at an Arabic  nightclub. Kabobs at midnight – that’s for the reckless.

We love this place not only for the endless delivery of heaping platters of  ethnic food over the course of 3 hours, but also for the showers of dollar bills that happen when patrons tip the performers. They give the amount to the waiter, who converts it into single dollar bills and then the tip is part of the show, as illustrated in the video clip above. [ link to video ]

Anyway, this is what I’m doing today: shopping for vintage things from Paris. It’s for gifts for somebody (my Martini night partner) who is a Francophile. I bought a set of 1950s souvenir playing cards from Paris for her birthday and now I’m thinking that I might make a serving tray out of a picture frame, some drawer handles and a vintage menu. I found this slightly damaged 1972 menu from Maxim’s and I like it better than the mint-condition duplicate. To me, that discoloration  and the corner darkening are part of its appeal, but I’m not sure that anyone else would think so.

cover menu

What do you think? Is it too shabby to give as a gift, or do you look at it and say “Wow! That’s charming!”

Your New Mother-in-law Will Love This

I found a draft of an old thing I was working on bemoaning the modern bride practice of forgoing bride-and-groom cake toppers. Plopping a small bunch of live flowers on top of a tiered cake just doesn’t do it.

I think I’ll finish that mostly so that I can show off my own 1980 caketopper and my parents’ one from 1950. Modern cake toppers are still being made and,  modern times being what they are, some of them are pretty tasteless. I have an  image folder of types I was going to use to illustrate the post, but today I came across one I haven’t seen before and I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

sb ct