Three Things About Driving

1. You know you're in Nashville if …


2.How to conserve fossil fuel: You take a woman executive business traveler who is primarily interested in comfort and give her a a low slung hot rod that she has to contort herself to get into and that she bangs her hairdo on the ceiling every time she gets in and out and believe me, driving will be minimized.

3. I'm going to change my name to Barbie because every time I rent a car, they give me a Malibu. I've been complaining about the lack of variety in car interior colors and moaning about how colorful dashboards used to be. I won't ever do THAT again because someone else (Mr. Chevrolet, I guess) was thinking the same thing. This is very unsettling.


Putting the POW! Into Power Washing

Last weekend, our neighbor borrowed a professional
machine and powerwashed  about 600 ft of sidewalk in front of three properties, including ours.

Dw  A feat like that cannot go unanswered so Sami spent yesterday power washing our airstrip-like  cement driveway. He borrowed the other neighbor's machine, which is as big an any used at an airport or naval base. It took all day and at one point he had to call in the reserves (our daughter, whom I had slated for weed-pulling that day.)

Today, he applied some kind of cement/concrete (what is the difference, really?) sealer. It didn't take as long as yesterday's task, so he took on the power washing of the patio in the back. He met up with the creeping mulch from the rose garden so it took a long, long time and now my mulch is eroded from underneath. Considering the fact that I applied the Bayer 3-in-1 Insect and Disease Control Spray on Saturday morning, we have some pretty messed up crickets staggering around out there.

I'm on the road all this week and Lord knows what he'll be up to. Our roof is about 16 years old and at one point recnetly, he declared that he (an arthritic, Lyme Disease recoveree, senior citizen) was going to replace it himself. For once, I'm glad that the weather report is solid thunderstorms for almost the entire time I'll be gone.

Although, that might not stop him.

Clinging To A Blackberry

Ol’ Silver Tonsils doesn’t use words loosely. Everything that comes out of his mouth is “calibrated” for an intended effect.

Obama: I used to pray every night – now I pray ALL the time
(and get devotionals on my Blackberry)
Daily Mail UK

Gawd. What a sly ass. The Blackberry Prayer? Really?

BbpThe Blackberry Prayer: The supplicating position one assumes
when grasping the popular six-ounce wireless combination e-mailer/phone
known as the BlackBerry between your palms and thumb-tapping messages
on its QWERTY keyboard.
”  Urban Dictionary

It makes one wonder, doesn’t it, if every one of his sentences is peppered with purposefully provocative words and phrases that are not what they seem to be on the surface. The use of “jigger” in the race baiting firebomb he threw out Wednesday night, the implication that the Secret Service would shoot him if he tried to enter a locked  White House, the blue collar-style libation he suggested as a peacemaker between police and accuser.

I find that last one particularly interesting because the only beers BO consumes are for the cameras. The drinking preferences of both Obamas has been obsessively cataloged all over the internet. Evey breathless report about those romantic dates nights includes a reference to World Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Mom Michelle Obama’s™ two pre-dinner martinis and mentions the selections of fine wines during the meal.

But for this high-profile event, the drink offered is a beer.  Why? Because the cop is a blue-collar man in America? Maybe Professor Gates will change his plans and do a documentary on beer-drinkers for PBS.

Recap of Obama Press Conference On the State of Modern Healthcare:


"…  you've got a bad sore throat or your child has a bad sore throat or has repeated sore throats, the doctor may look at the reimbursement system and say to himself, "You know what? I make a lot more money if I take this kid's tonsils out." Barack Obama, July 2009

More Tonsil horror:

I’m Calling “WIG”

Well-known country music fan Michelle Obama Shows Off New ‘Do. And By ‘Do, We Mean “WIG”


Are those little white hairs sticking out by her hairline there?  I guess she didn’t want the big black hairs sticking out the back to be lonely.



Also, no slip! That’s what makes her a World Famous Fashion Icon – she makes her own rules. My hunch is that she figured she gave enough attention to conformity by wearing something with the waistline in the right place for  a change, so why push it by going conventional all the way.


Sad What’s up with that little sad sack Sanchez? Have you noticed the disparate amount of attention given to these two girls? Oh, you see an occasional photo of this poor thing smiling but only when she’s alone. Put them together and the spotlight always shines on Malaria.


Incident #1: This morning I came downstairs and found 40 rolls of toilet paper in the front hallway. then I saw 6 boxes of Kleenex on the kitchen table. Obviously, Kimberly Clark products went on sale and  Sami the midnight shopper was there to make a strike..

Incident #2: I picked up a carton of blueberries and immediately lost my grip on it. Blueberries bounced all over the inside of the refrigerator, on the floor and even into my robe pockets. That's a lot of blueberries to pick up one by one.

It's still early in the day but I sure do hope this trend for multiples reverses because tonight is Martini Club and I don't want to open up a Martinied-up mouth IN CASE I MEET UP WITH A COP.