Another Door Closes on the New Yorker Magazine That Used To Be

One of my Christmas books this year was a copy of Updike’s Rabbit novels. I’ve read or owned these novels before in various guises – borrowed from the library, falling apart paperbacks, one good hardcover – but this was four works bound into one volume. And it has a fine red ribbon as a page marker. I am a sucker for a ribbon page marker.

Ethel forehead
High on the list of reasons why I am fond of this body of work comes early in the series when we are first introduced to Harry Angtsrom’s wife, Janice. She is describes as not pretty, dumb and athletic, with thin hair and a high forehead which is peeling from prolonged sun exposure on the tennis court. Which always struck me as an excellent description of Ethel Kennedy. 

R.I.P. John Updike