Me and Mrs. Palin

We've got a thing going on. And I'm not just saying that – I've got hard evidence:

Phair Exhibit #1: Hairdo. Right now, at this very minute, I'm wearing this  same hairdo. Only mine is blonde and about 10 inches shorter so it's more of a hair don't. In my own defense, it's early and I'm on my way to the dogpark.


 Exhibit #2: Jewlery. We have the same festive Christmas pin. Coincidence or cosmic alignment? You decide.


Exhibit #3: Fur! I recently got a small bonus. Whenever that happens, I treat myself to a small luxury and this time, I settled on a swanky single martini shaker covered in faux leopard. I happen to already be the proud owner of three faux fur coats: possum, mink and shearling. (Shout out to my peeps at QVC!). They're  not exactly fur, but close. 

this photo of Sarah Palin by Ryan McFarland link

The Sarah Palin bomb that McCain dropped on Friday is dominating the news cycle – don't you feel sorry for the other side? Just about the only headline I saw yesterday referring to Democratic tag-teamers B.O. and Joe was that their bus tour is off to an intentionally low-key start. Uh-huh.

Let us not be cruel in our victory, but kind. Here's some press play for B.O. -



Also, Sarah Palin in your daily news stories stops B.O.

full interpretation of original intent of vintage advertising image can be found at

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Just Kidding! I Would Never Do That.

From Our Department of:  Young Adult with Disposable Income

At midnight last night, my son called from Newark Liberty airport to tell us that his flight from California had just landed. He's come home to visit for 3 days. I'm sure you'll all understand that I must devote myself completely to messing in his business, getting up into his grill and offering advice about the various aspects of his bachelor lifestyle.

For you, my readers, you can count on two things:

  1. Lack of blogging here will result in prolific and rambling comments on your blog entries

  2. If you do see me blogging here before Monday night, it means that he has freed himself from my motherly grasp. Temporarily.

Major News Story of the Day

The major news story of the day is,of course, that the fake Mad Men Twitterers have returned.

There's no question that Don Draper is the alpha male – and who wouldn't go for him?-  but I confess that I am torn between my equal attraction for the good (but flawed)  Harry Crane and the bad Jimmy Barrett.It's the male version of the madonna-whore conundrum. Who will be by favorite?

This is just like when I had to choose between Paul (the Cute Beatle) and John (the Intellectual Beatle). I tired to remove myself from the stress of trying to decide by selecting George (the Quiet Beatle), but after a while, I gave it up and in the end I could not deny my attraction to the dark John.

So, Harry Crane. So contained, so sincere, so lovable. But Jimmy Barrett is a character evocative of  the Rat Pack at its worst. It's dangerous to even be in a room with him, let alone to declare his power over you. It's most likely that this is a short -term role, but hey – why, not have a little thrill while it lasts?

I like 'em dark, moody,unpredictable and a little bit dangerous.

Liveblogging the Hillz: Goodbye Old Paint

Capt.27de4d1c27ca4f7fb63afe994974e275.democratic_convention_corg193 10:37 pm – Chelsea's monotone drones over the Pepsi Center's speakers as an image of a freight train bears down. Look out, Obamanites – she's about to steamroll in. Lots of Chelsea's unattractive profile on the film. Ill-conceived, to say the least. C.C. introduces her mother from behind  an obvious tranquilzer haze.

10:42 pm - Orange pantsuit! She's telling us that she's a prisoner and is not there expressing her own free will. The heart breaks. Maybe she's going to bust a move and she'll be allready to do her time picking up garbage from the side of the highway. Start worrying, Barry. The great pumpkin is about to speak.

Who picked the music for this convention? For a party that has the musical artists all locked up, you would expect more, wouldn't you?

Ok, now THIS is an appropriate crowd response. Oh, that sweet sweet sound of the halting cadence and off-beat  inflection. I can't believe we won't be hearing that again until 2012. You can practically see the air quotes hanging above her head as she speaks.


10:47 pm – I didn't see her shoes! Now she's planted behind the podium. Please let them be dyed-to-match, like a bridesmaid. Always a bridesmaid, never a President. It's too sad.

10:50 pm – OMG. Hillary calls up one of her fictitious needy constituents. Autism, no health insurance and cancer – a trifecta of  liberal healthcare boogeymen all wrapped up with a painted bald head. Nobody does it better.

Her first mention of Bush is buried under the laughter for "sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits". Michelle would do well to be taking notes up there in the balcony.

Now she's channeling Dr. Suess: "Putin in Georgia, Iran and Iraq  (Wish it was me instead of Barack.)"

10:55 pm – She  calls up the specter of Chinese money. Hutzpah! Paging Norman Hsu! Now throwing in a little children's education, another swipe at Bush, minimum wage – she's got all the talking points  in there but who even cares? The woman is magnificent!

She's got her small jewelry on again. No need for overt ladyhood now – her orange pantsuit blazes on the screen as she takes the mob in the palm of her hand. They roar when she wants them to and they listen silent and rapt when she makes them.

Mtm 11:00 pm – Hillary compliments Michelle and the camera cuts to a shot of Laura Petrie in the stands.

She just got them all to boo. Tell me again why she's not the candidate.

Oops! "My daughter got to vote for her mother for President" Not exactly, Hillz. Your boyfriend BHO took care of that when he pulled the rug out from under you.

11:08 pm Remarks over and Hillary takes her victory walk, just like Miss America. There she is, your ideal. Someone hand her a bouquet of American Beauties, please.

11:08 and a half – Victory sprint is more like it. She's outta there. $13 million message delivered and she's gone. Goodbye, you magnificent bastard. Back to your dusty nest in Chappaqua. See you again in four years.


PS: Can you even believe she showed up in an orange pantsuit? 

PPS: I just realized she was channeling Loretta Castorini (Moonstruck 1987)

Johnny: In time you will see that this is the best thing.
Loretta Castorini: In time you'll drop dead and I'll come to your funeral in a red dress!

Capt.8901c5d9d5c34d36bbc3157fc3c7358a.democratic_convention_codc170 She showed up at Barack Obama's 4-day Denver funeral in an orange pantsuit. Well played, lady.

Final word: Sweetness & Light takes a retrospective look at Hillary's hairdos.


Mad About It

I don’t like to discuss my real life around here because I don’t want to reveal the extent to which my life sucks. For instance, how much TV I watch. It’s the mark of a loser, but here I am about to jump into the cold waters of my reality.

I am positively glued to AMC’s Mad Men. At first, I thought that it would satisfy my desire to see vintage furnishings – and it does , but then I got all caught up with regret that I can’t be a white male in the middle of the 20th century. That was just the surface interest, though because what it really is about is how the women live and work with and around the restrictions and limitations that they were held in at the time.

Of course, old habits die hard and while I was all wrapped up in the story line, I did get stopped in my tracks during one short scene that took place infront of a china cabinet.

Ag     Abg

It’s the best shot I could get but that there’s no question that that dinnerwear is Stangl. The set decorators got it exactly right. The characters in this scene are an up and coming young couple who have decorated in high-end Danish modern furniture. This 1954 Stangle pattern, called Amber Glo, was different from the usual rustic big-flower-in-the-middle style of most Stangl patterns. It was designed by the great Kay Hackett from a Scandinavian inspiration using the thoroughly modern motif of a gas-flame.

Well, I liked to die when I saw it. Much fuss was made –  the dog got worked up but the daughter  seemed unmoved. Finally, a Stangl sighting after all these years that  I have been monitoring the media! Very gratifying.

NOTE: As a point of clarification, I want you to understand that its the TV-watching that identifies me as pathetic. The dish obsession makes me cool.