This Is What Teddy K Should Have Been Singing In Texas

Who among us has not been entertained and amused by Teddy K singing in Spanish? Jalisco! Jalisco! At one point, I thought I might have recognized the piece he was singing, but then…no.

He was just a few days too soon with that little number, though. If he waited, he could have belted out Hillary’s new Hispanic campaign song. I am not kidding when I tell you that I am positively obsessed with this after just one listen. You will be too. The full story complete with lyrics can be found at Wonkette.

Oh, pleeeeeze , Associated Press – please give me a photo of HRC onstage somewhere is Texas with Walter Suhr and the Mango Punch! playing this in the background. Wouldn’t you like to see her dancing around to the happy beat?

I’m not even making fun of this! I’m partial to Tejano music. This is too much pleasure for me. Listen:

Hillary, Hillary Clinton (por ella voto yo)
Hillary, Hillary Clinton (por ella voto yo)

Too bad her big yap has to open up at the end and endorse the message. Harsh!

UPDATE:  Mi gentes! Obama’s got a Reggeton campaign song! El gigante!

“Como Se Dice…Como Se llama? (OBAMA, OBAMA)
“Como Se Dice…Como Se llama? (OBAMA, OBAMA)


This one is almost as good as the Optimum Online Triple Play commercial. Free advice to the  Obama campaign people – try to buy 877 393 4-4-4-8 as the phone number to get people to volunteer/ donate/ whatever for your candidate. It can’t  miss. And that disco whistle! I want this played at his Inaugural Ball.

Where is John McCain’s campaign song? Better get a move on, Johnny. How about some Champagne Music? Maybe the Lawrence Welk Orchestra is still together? Or you could prop up Huey Lewis and the News for a recording session.

I just know I won’t be able to work at all today because I just died and went to Campaign Song Heaven.

Brown Is The Color Of Despair

Here is your real fashion insight from last night’s debate: while I suspected that Obama had a trunk full of identical suits, I had no idea that he had multiples of the same tie. And Tim Russert got hold of one!



The guys are stylin’ in their bright blue ties while poor old Hill can think of no better idea than brown tweed. You know the whole campaign team is suffering from he same lack of energy and despair when glamorous Huma and even 28-year-old First “Child” Chelsea appear on stage after the debate dressed in more brown.

Sparrows Cc

It’s a sad parade of mousey brown. Looking like a bunch of house sparrows flapping around in the dirt, there’s neither sparkle nor  frill among them. In fact,  Chelsea is completely unadorned – not even a tweed jacket – and as such is appropriately attired for a funeral, save for the hooker makeup. Is it just me or did she miss the mark with that blusher? Perhaps she’s cementing her reputation as a listener not a talker, by drawing attention to her ear. The Clinton bag of tricks is bottomless.

Another sign of diminishment is the normal-sized handbag Huma has neatly tucked under her arm. Oh, Huma! Gone are the days of the oversized tote, overflowing with schemes and dreams. Now Hillary’s future fits into a 7×10 inch half flap clutch. A brown one.

Speaking of tricks, HRC makes good on her promise to control her husband by sending him to a “rally” in the boonies to speak from the back of a pick-up truck (Silverado One) and then taking away the rusty oil drums so that he couldn’t climb down and horn in on the post-debate photo ops.


Ole Bill passes the time by repeatedly moving his red clown nose from his face to his microphone and back again.