Chelsea Clinton Does Not Speak

The NYT did their best to profile C.C. without an actual interview or comments on the record from those who know her. And only one reference to her looks, a quick  "jokes about her looks" before launching  a pick list of somewhat contradictory factoids that has something for everyone …

her role on her parents’ campaign trail is to clap and beam
her fundraising efforts produced $20 million

her lifelong role is model daughter
she has a permanent place on the NY party circuit

she has a publicist
her publicist’s job is to keep publicity away

… and so on. After all the details of her hard working nature, her career moves, her concern about 9/11 (!)  and speculation about her own political ambition, we are informed that she is a is "a Christmas-cookie-baking, churchgoing Methodist" and might possibly be waiting to turn her "cuddly and affectionate relationship" into a White House wedding.

Two noteworthy statements shine the light on the family dynamic:  "Those familiar with the Clintons envision her as a strategic resource "and the remarkable "Ms. Clinton was present when her father and his advisers debated how to acknowledge his affair with Ms. Lewinsky to the nation".

And then, this wonderful sentence:   "Most of the women her age wore bright gowns and bare skin, but Ms. Clinton wore a dark pantsuit, her hair smoothed and fastened into a strawberry-blond sheet."  In one masterful stoke, we are delivered the image of the serious C.C. as a mini-HRC.


How does one fasten hair into a sheet?

The Sadness

Mg_2 My morning glory vine has produced a bloom. What is the opposite of  "glory", because that would be a more fitting appelation for what’s going on here.

I’m glad to see anything at all, but remember that this is the fruit of an entire packet of seeds: a single vine with runtish foliage and a tenuous hold on survival.

The whole area of that garden bed seems doomed. In the lower photo, its not accident that it has been framed to appear to possess exhuberant vitality, but you can see that the area directly in front of the vine is headed for that scorched earth look. A sad cleome, a plant well known for its weed-like vigor, has stopped blooming and is listing.

Thanks goodness for weeds. At least I can still produce a very  impressive weed. The white phlox in the foreground is hosting a pickery vine  and as long as I see weeds, I know that my dirt can support plant life. Not the plant life I want, but plant life nontheless.


Is it August yet? August is usually the time of the season that I give up hope for this year and start talking big about "next year".

The fence looks good though, doesn’t it? This is the look that I was envisioning when we put it up for dog-corraling puroses. A venerable, weathered cottage fence barely visible behind the abundant plants. I have to  work harder on the "abundant" part – next year.

Looking Forward To …


If true, this could be a boon to the slow blog blues of a summer Sunday. In preparation, I’ve already bookmarked several sites that document Chealsea’s 2004 plastic surgery.

Ccface goodplastic

Keep an eye out to see if the NYT prints that  she HAS turned into an attractive young lady or if she WAS turned into an attractive young lady. (or[ C] – none of the above) . Count ‘em up: nose job, chin implant and gum reconstruction.  Of course, surgery alone doesn’t do it – It takes a village! A suitcase full of make-up and a straightening iron are still part of the public appearance preparation. Here’s our girl on the streets of Manhattan last year:


I Guess I’ll Have To Find Something To Worry About On The Ground.

I had to cancel my trip to Houston next week because – say it with me – my knee hurts, and there are many reasons to be disappointed about this turn of events. This morning, I found another reason to be unhappy that I’m grounded: Flight Aware Live Flight Tracking.


This page view shows  live flight tracking  for private and commercial flights (scheduled and in progress). Interesting, but I think that looking at the route for a specific flight and then combining that with an up-to-the-minute Turbulence Forecast or perhaps the TravelWise Weather Forecast and you’ve got the potential for a first class  anxiety fest.

I am definately adding this site to my air travel armamentarium.

I Am A Letdown To Myself

My little idea of taking a notebook with me out to the deck in the evenings while I have my me time is proving to be a fallow field indeed. I thought I could capture all the great blog topics that come to me when I start to unwind and leave the  obstacles  to inspiration  behind.

The conditions tonight were ideal: moderate temperature, light breeze, cool Malbec and Dean Martin’s Blue Moon right up inside  in my earcanals. This is the list of blog topics that I came up with:

drinking wine
Dean Martin
the moon
my knee hurts

That’s it.

Shoot me now.